GonShui Technologies is the technology hub of Cameroon. Mindful of the problems that are plaguing Cameroon and Africa and exposing the dark continent as a place where nothing good can come from, we took the challenge to relieve Cameroon and Africa from its current quagmire. To do this, we decided to focus our expertise in three strategic areas which are computer engineering, telecommunications and networks, and electrical and electronics engineering. We conceive very solid and ground breaking ideas that are synchronized with the trend of the fast growing technology in the aforementioned areas and we put them at the disposition of the society. We strive for the best in all we do and we give to all our stake holders only the best. We innovate, we create values and we shape lives.


GonShui Technologies est le pôle technologique du Cameroun. Conscients des problèmes qui minent le Cameroun et l’Afrique et exposent notre continent comme la terre de l’obscurité, nous avons pris l’initiative d’affronter ces défis et sortir notre continent du précipice. Pour cela, nous avons focalisé notre expertise dans trois domaines stratégiques à savoir le génie informatique, le génie électrique et électronique et enfin les télécommunications et réseaux. Nous concevons des idées solides, révolutionnaires et synchronisées à la pointe de la technologie dans ces domaines et nous les mettons à la disposition de la société. Nous cherchons le meilleur et nous nous assurons toujours de la satisfaction de toutes les parties prenantes à notre entreprise. Nous innovons, nous créons des valeurs et nous façonnons des vies.

Our services

Telecommunications Services
services in Telecommunications and networks are WAN/LAN design, IT consulting, mobile network installation, troubleshooting and optimisation, design of communication systems of all sorts. We make sure global connectivity is for all irrespective of time, location...
Computer Design Services
A plethora of services: Web design and hosting, mobile and desktop applications building, Monitoring of computing systems, enterprise solutions, digital marketing, social media advertisement... We give to our customers only the best.
Electrical and Electronics Services
Conception of systems to minimise the consumption of electrical energy, design and installation of electrical power systems, conception and realisation of electronics systems, design of displays systems...

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